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Narrowing our focus to help families

For more than three decades, Southwest Financial concentrated on helping hundreds of agents nationwide find suitable insurance products for their clients; we did this by surveying the financial products marketplace and working with more than 50 carriers. This is still a significant part of our business. But as the insurance marketplace evolved, we wanted to focus our experience in a different direction: counseling individual families to make decisions that would have positive, lasting impacts on their financial well-being.

Our previous work had given us a clear understanding of the business philosophies of most insurance companies and how each treated clients. It didn’t take long for us to determine that we wanted to work with the companies of OneAmerica. The company’s attitude toward policyholders and its economics-based approach to financial matters reflected our own way of thinking.

We are able to combine the broad experience and knowledge of our team members with the companies of OneAmerica’s family of innovative products, services, and strategies, guiding clients through financial choices that will have a positive multigenerational impact on their lives and legacies.

When adding professionals to our team, we’re less swayed by the number of sales they’ve made in past years, and more interested in the depth of relationships they have been able to form with their clients. Our goal is to walk through life with our clients as their trusted advisors, educating them about the realities of financial choices, and calling attention to opportunities they may not have considered. In the end, helping our clients achieve their goals is ultimately more fulfilling than winning sales awards.